Let’s Party Like Gatsby

A little party never killed nobody…

What? An elegant soiree inspired by the roaring 20s

When? Best suited for evening events

Why? Because you know how to party like Gatsby to celebrate your birthday (maybe a milestone, like 30, 40, 50…), New Year’s Eve, the annual family gathering, or if you really want everyone to remember your wedding

How? Well, well… keep reading for inspiration!

For a ‘Great Gatsby’ themed party you want to think in three colors: gold, black, and a touch of white. Think lavish, big, over the top ‘art deco’ style and lots of glitter and glamour. Your guests must be fully ‘in’ and be willing to dress up for the party in their best 1920s gear.

Here are 6 tips for a Great Gatsby event:

  1. Think white flowers, tassels, feathers, and balloons. Long stem white flowers will look great in center pieces and gold vases at the desert or catering table. They will make your decor feel less structured which is likely with an art deco theme. Throw feathers here are there in vases, scattered on the tables, or get long ones for a big impact inside a large gold vase. Balloons always impress! Get a lot of them for this theme – even for weddings. You can do white, champagne, or even marble ones.

2. Champagne… I love the idea of mini Moet-like champagne bottles and why not even add personal tags to each along with a golden straw? But if your party is large this can be a very expensive option, so you can opt for regular size Champagne in golden trays with champagne flutes. The champagne cascade is also a beautiful piece of decor as long as you don’t have too many kids running around and the space is large enough.

3. Get a black and white or gold sequin tablecloth for your tables.


4. Music – Get a good playlist with 1920s music mixed withe contemporary music that feels old (think Lana del Rey, Great Gatsby movie soundtrack)

5. Golden flatware is a must- if you want to use carton or plastic for your plates make sure you provide a cool set of flatware for your guests.


6. Invest in coasters! Why not providing a marble-like or stone-like coaster for your guests? For a wedding it would be a nice gift for your guests.

Inspiration Gallery:


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