Shades of Blue

This blog started with the idea to provide inspiration for pretty things based on themes. While a color is not technically a ‘theme’, I have found that I am very in love with beautiful shades of blue applied to event and party decorations. In case you have not heard, Serenity Blue is actually one of the two Pantene colors of the year for 2016, hence why we see it somewhat trending. However, I love that it does not feel like overkill and it looks very elegant and original if applied well. It is a color that fits all kinds of occasions and evokes peacefulness, clarity, relaxation, serenity, and calm.

Next time you plan a daytime event such as a baby shower, engagement party, birthday, or a gathering with your girlfriends think about the special touch that this color can bring to the event. I am making it easy for you to select the main planning items so you don’t have to go dig them out yourself in a sea of Pinterest images.

  1. Invites and other gracious notes to your guests:

2. Flowers :

3. Setting the scene: 

4. Let them eat cake (or other dessert): 

5. Bar Ideas:

6. In case you are not already dying to come up with a reason to host a party if just for the beauty of the pictures above: 


By now I hope you are as in love as I am with this color and how gorgeous and understated it looks in event decor. Shades of dusty blue, slate, french and serenity blue are my favorites, but I am also a sucker for royal blue patterned ceramics with pink or peach flowers to complement.

Thank you for reading!

“Be daring, be different, be impractical; be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers” – Cecil Beaton


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