Glam Up Your Decor: Bar Cart Inspiration

Why limit happy to an hour?

When I started decorating my home, one of the first things I purchased was a bar cart. While I am not an avid drinker and don’t host a lot of parties at my home, I felt that the bar cart gave my living room a glamorous touch and that it provided for a lot of possibilities when it came to use and decorating. I even ended up purchasing one for my terrace too, and it always gathers compliments.


If you feel uncertain about whether or not a bar cart will fit your home decor, behold my dear readers. You will most likely find one in this inspiration post that will fit your needs and that you can use for multiple purposes. Even if you do not drink at all and have barely any barware at home, bar carts can be used for party decor, or just as a side table. There are bar carts available at all price ranges, and because this is a retro trend you may even find beautiful vintage ones out there.

Let’s immerse into the bar cart world. Even if you are not design-oriented, you’ll see how easy it is to just style your bar cart to reflect your space needs and your style. It is a great way to show off your personality through decor, and display your favorite drinks, books, barware, or things.

Indoor Bar Carts for Decor


Bar Carts for Entertaining & Events


Vintage Flair & ‘His’ Carts

Outdoor & Miscellaneous


I know, I know, I got too excited towards the last pictures that I even added gelato carts to a post intended to be about bar carts. But I think the ‘concept’ of the cart is a beautiful trend for decor and events alike. It will make a difference when you have friends over to offer a drink station rather than just have bottles across your table top.

Some tips to ‘fill out’ the space in your bar cart:

  • Buy something natural, a.k.a. plants, flowers, cacti gardens, lemons, dried plants, wood sticks, you name it…
  • Use the bar cart to display your favorite barware, such as those gorgeous wine glasses that you have stored in your kitchen cabinets
  • You can put it pretty much anywhere, and use if for multiple things. I love the idea of the bar cart for the home office, with some refreshers, snacks, and maybe some motivational books that you enjoy or have inspiring covers
  • Small bottles of anything look adorable (Pellegrino, champagne, wine, etc), nowadays you find those anywhere, including Vons, World Market, and Bevmo
  • Have fun with it and reflect your style, as you can see in the galleries above there are no bar cart styling rules

Make everything around you beautiful

Enjoy some bar cart recommendations below; scroll to the bottom for shopping links:

  1. Amara Mirrored Serving Cart- Joss and Main $193.95
  2. Rebecca Indoor/Outdoor Serving Cart- Joss and Main $231.95
  3. Service Trolley Bar Cart- Bed Bad & Beyond $139.99
  4. Gold Tone Metal Bar Cart- Overstock $159.99
  5. French Bar Cart – One Kings Lane $995 
  6. Mid-Century Bar Cart- West Elm $349
  7. Threshold Gold Bart Cart- Target $129.99
  8. Ashley 2-Tier Rolling Bar Cart- World Market $169.99

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