Creative Ways to Serve Dessert


Last weekend I was able to go to the Museum of Ice Cream in the Los Angeles Arts District. It was a fun experience, full of tasty treats and Instagram-worthy props. The fact that someone can make a museum out of dessert and be so successful inspired me to think about fun ways to display desserts in any party, event, or small gathering. A little bit of creativity goes a long way to impress your guests.

If you look closely, some of these ideas don’t have to break your budget. They just take a little bit more time to plan.

  • The “it’s too hot” dessert ….

More bar cart ideas here.

  • The “I donut why I love dessert so much” dessert…


  • The sweet ‘n’ salty dessert…

    For more mexican inspired desserts visit the post Fiesta Mexicana

  • Because you need a coffee pick-me-up from the sugar crash… why not offer a ‘nespresso’ bar?


  • The fun to eat dessert


  • The DIY Pretty Cake

It takes a little bit of imagination, but any basic cake can look fab with a few macaroons, flowers (like the one in this post), and some fun props.

Buy the Mr and Mrs cake topper here

  • The dreamy gourmet display


gourmet- Le Planner

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