Balloon Madness

While I am #obsessed with flower arrangements and floral creations, I have stumbled upon quite magnificent works of art using balloons lately, making me want to get my hands dirty in a balloon project. If you have a DIY spirit, some creative energy and want to leave a mark in your next event or party, this post will help you get started with some ideas.

Here are some of the best ideas I have seen as well as some suggested products to get you started for your next balloontastic project. I think that as long as it is well executed, you can use balloons for any kind of party, from the classic children’s birthday party to a formal event like a wedding or baptism.


Featured Products

1 – Big Confetti Balloon – shop here

2- Three Giant Confetti Balloons in Pink – shop here


  • The Insta-friendly spot

Can’t get over that giant heart? Click here for the tutorial.

  • The backdrop


Honestly, that heart one looks amazing and it can’t be that difficult to pull of. Worth a try. Get similar foil heart shaped balloons here.

  • The wedding arch

This is the cutest idea for a dreamy, whimsical wedding or entrance. Probably easier than a floral arch yet stunning and unique results.

  • The structure that belongs to a museum

The pictures of those falling garlands mesmerized me… Must.Learn.How.

  • Miscellaneous darling creations

These last ones might be the easiest of the bunch and yet look divine.



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