Autumn Is Here: Time to Pumpkin Spice Your Decor

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Beyond the fake leaf garlands and carved pumpkins, there is a lot of beautiful decor that will make your home feel cozier and ready for fall. Whether hosting a get together, wine night, diner, or just for yourself, take a look at some of my favorite ideas out there and scroll all the way down to shop some of my favorite items to recreate them.



  • The classic orange pumpkin

    Trader Joe’s has a good variety of munchkin-sized and regular pumpkins for reasonable prices. Buy a few of them next time you stop there and fill out any glass vases that you have. Get creative by adding some foliage or flowers in colors like orange, burgundy, cream, and green and drop them by in unexpected corners of your home.

  • Neutral and ‘hygge

This is my second favorite fall decor palette. It feels timeless, classy, and different. Get light colored pumpkins (or paint them!) and mix and match with textures to create a ‘hygge’ effect. Adding greenery and blue tones helps it come together more naturally.


  • Come to the dark side – it is the month of Halloween after all!

Now this is my very favorite fall decor palette! Anything burgundy with hints of pink looks ultra glamorous and feels Halloween approved. If you are organizing a party, I would go with this palette hands down, focusing on the fruits of the season, such as plum. 

Please take a second to admire the elegance of those black candlesticks.

  • Easy formal diner table

If you are hosting diner and want to create a cute fall tabletop, here is a cute idea: buy a bunch of spray roses and fit a stem in empty bottles. Add some nice candles, formal napkins, and spray munchkin pumpkins along a table runner. Accents in gold. Ready for pumpkin pie! 


  • Miscellaneous #inspo

    Your guests certainly won't complain about a tower of fall-flavored mini pies | Set Free Photography

  • Shopping

1- Chunky cat bed (for optimal coziness now that the colder months are coming)

2- Fall wreath

3- 20-piece rush gold flatware set

4- Gauze/ cheesecloth table runner – ideal for events

5- Set of 12 black taper candles

6- Grains wreath

7- Twill Chambray Slate Gray Napkin

8- 16-piece Dinnerware set

9- Blue Decorative Vintage Bottles

10- Pumpkin figure

11- Rustic wood trays

12- Burgundy glass

13- Chunky wool blanket (OBSESSED!)



Balloon Madness

While I am #obsessed with flower arrangements and floral creations, I have stumbled upon quite magnificent works of art using balloons lately, making me want to get my hands dirty in a balloon project. If you have a DIY spirit, some creative energy and want to leave a mark in your next event or party, this post will help you get started with some ideas.

Here are some of the best ideas I have seen as well as some suggested products to get you started for your next balloontastic project. I think that as long as it is well executed, you can use balloons for any kind of party, from the classic children’s birthday party to a formal event like a wedding or baptism.


Featured Products

1 – Big Confetti Balloon – shop here

2- Three Giant Confetti Balloons in Pink – shop here


  • The Insta-friendly spot

Can’t get over that giant heart? Click here for the tutorial.

  • The backdrop


Honestly, that heart one looks amazing and it can’t be that difficult to pull of. Worth a try. Get similar foil heart shaped balloons here.

  • The wedding arch

This is the cutest idea for a dreamy, whimsical wedding or entrance. Probably easier than a floral arch yet stunning and unique results.

  • The structure that belongs to a museum

The pictures of those falling garlands mesmerized me… Must.Learn.How.

  • Miscellaneous darling creations

These last ones might be the easiest of the bunch and yet look divine.



Creative Ways to Serve Dessert


Last weekend I was able to go to the Museum of Ice Cream in the Los Angeles Arts District. It was a fun experience, full of tasty treats and Instagram-worthy props. The fact that someone can make a museum out of dessert and be so successful inspired me to think about fun ways to display desserts in any party, event, or small gathering. A little bit of creativity goes a long way to impress your guests.

If you look closely, some of these ideas don’t have to break your budget. They just take a little bit more time to plan.

  • The “it’s too hot” dessert ….

More bar cart ideas here.

  • The “I donut why I love dessert so much” dessert…


  • The sweet ‘n’ salty dessert…

    For more mexican inspired desserts visit the post Fiesta Mexicana

  • Because you need a coffee pick-me-up from the sugar crash… why not offer a ‘nespresso’ bar?


  • The fun to eat dessert


  • The DIY Pretty Cake

It takes a little bit of imagination, but any basic cake can look fab with a few macaroons, flowers (like the one in this post), and some fun props.

Buy the Mr and Mrs cake topper here

  • The dreamy gourmet display


gourmet- Le Planner

You, Me, and a Cup of Tea

Because it’s always tea time…here is some tea party planning 101

Planning a birthday, bridal/baby shower, fancy brunch, etc. with a tea party theme? If you are like me, you probably enjoy spending countless hours looking for Pinterest ideas, décor items, and creating checklists to make your event a success. But if you are not, which is why this site exists, then you need a little help just getting started so you don’t go cray-cray over the whole thing and just end up winging it at Party City. For you, my busy unorganized friends, here is a checklist that will get you started on the right foot and make it seem like party planning is your ‘cup of tea’.

Or you can go directly to our shop to see what is available for this theme.

  1. Determine your party size

While I believe that tea parties are a better fit for smaller parties (less than 25), if you have the budget and the willingness to do it a bigger event you can do it for as many as you want. Just keep in mind that tea parties are all about details, so you will have to spend a lot of more time looking for decorations and putting the tabletop décor together for multiple tables. Either way, keep in mind how many people you need to sit.

  1. Decide what kind of tea party you are hosting

Did you have in mind a whimsical, wonderland theme? Or more like a girly vintage afternoon tea? What about a British Afternoon Tea Soiree? Grab your tools (Google, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc) and find 5 pictures that show what you envision for a tea party. Try to stick to that theme so it flows. Your bff might have a different concept, so be clear if you are planning as a group.

  1. The party palette

This is my favorite part (hence the name of this site). Pick two colors that go well together, add a neutral/metallic tone or two, and some texture. There are lots of original and great palettes that you can choose from. For example, pastel green and blue and silver and some rustic touches, or blush, gold (patina), and natural textures that take it outdoors. This doesn’t mean you have to stick to those colors for everything but it will make it easier to pick things that seem mundane such as plates, napkins, and balloons.

  1. Flowers

Flowers make everything prettier. If you can afford to buy lots of flowers, regardless of what kind, they will pull your event together and make it look magnificent. You can mix it up with some fake flowers here and there. You will need vases of different kinds and can even use mason jars or transparent tea cups.

  1. SIGN here

Get a couple of framed chalkboards- they will make your event look really cool and you can use them for multiple things- include the event’s hashtag, write down the menu, welcome your guests, or simply write witty phrases.

  1. Dessert table

Or drinks table… either works. Focus on this one, make sure you have a really cool tablecloth (sequins, chiffon) and you have cool recipients to accommodate food or drinks.

  1. Décor items

Get bird cages, candle lamps, mix-and-match cups and tea pots, old-looking books, engraved silverware, etc. This seems very ‘basic’ but it will fill up the space in your tables. Get confetti balloons, garlands, and partyware that goes with your color palette. Tea parties are meant to be fancy, so expect to invest a bit. Check out some of the Blush and Patina Shop items at the end of this post.

    8. Tableware

There are lots of pretty recyclable tableware available, so go floral and dont ignore the little details. You need tea cups and champagne flutes.

     9. Keep it real

Don’t forget that you need actual tea! You can have a tray with different tea bags for each table (if round) or a few trays spread around your long table for guests and a hot tea pot in the center. If you have never attended an actual tea ceremony, maybe it is a good time to attend one before your event so you know the etiquette. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised if you have actual tea ceremony trays with scones, sandwiches, and sweets.

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