Glam Up Your Decor: Bar Cart Inspiration

Why limit happy to an hour?

When I started decorating my home, one of the first things I purchased was a bar cart. While I am not an avid drinker and don’t host a lot of parties at my home, I felt that the bar cart gave my living room a glamorous touch and that it provided for a lot of possibilities when it came to use and decorating. I even ended up purchasing one for my terrace too, and it always gathers compliments.


If you feel uncertain about whether or not a bar cart will fit your home decor, behold my dear readers. You will most likely find one in this inspiration post that will fit your needs and that you can use for multiple purposes. Even if you do not drink at all and have barely any barware at home, bar carts can be used for party decor, or just as a side table. There are bar carts available at all price ranges, and because this is a retro trend you may even find beautiful vintage ones out there.

Let’s immerse into the bar cart world. Even if you are not design-oriented, you’ll see how easy it is to just style your bar cart to reflect your space needs and your style. It is a great way to show off your personality through decor, and display your favorite drinks, books, barware, or things.

Indoor Bar Carts for Decor


Bar Carts for Entertaining & Events


Vintage Flair & ‘His’ Carts

Outdoor & Miscellaneous


I know, I know, I got too excited towards the last pictures that I even added gelato carts to a post intended to be about bar carts. But I think the ‘concept’ of the cart is a beautiful trend for decor and events alike. It will make a difference when you have friends over to offer a drink station rather than just have bottles across your table top.

Some tips to ‘fill out’ the space in your bar cart:

  • Buy something natural, a.k.a. plants, flowers, cacti gardens, lemons, dried plants, wood sticks, you name it…
  • Use the bar cart to display your favorite barware, such as those gorgeous wine glasses that you have stored in your kitchen cabinets
  • You can put it pretty much anywhere, and use if for multiple things. I love the idea of the bar cart for the home office, with some refreshers, snacks, and maybe some motivational books that you enjoy or have inspiring covers
  • Small bottles of anything look adorable (Pellegrino, champagne, wine, etc), nowadays you find those anywhere, including Vons, World Market, and Bevmo
  • Have fun with it and reflect your style, as you can see in the galleries above there are no bar cart styling rules

Make everything around you beautiful

Enjoy some bar cart recommendations below; scroll to the bottom for shopping links:

  1. Amara Mirrored Serving Cart- Joss and Main $193.95
  2. Rebecca Indoor/Outdoor Serving Cart- Joss and Main $231.95
  3. Service Trolley Bar Cart- Bed Bad & Beyond $139.99
  4. Gold Tone Metal Bar Cart- Overstock $159.99
  5. French Bar Cart – One Kings Lane $995 
  6. Mid-Century Bar Cart- West Elm $349
  7. Threshold Gold Bart Cart- Target $129.99
  8. Ashley 2-Tier Rolling Bar Cart- World Market $169.99

Good Friends & Good Wine… Wine Night Inspiration

You had me at ‘merlot’

Situation: You and your friends are so busy with work, family, projects, and their significant others and it now seems like forever since you have reunited for a good conversation.


Solution: No need to wait for birthdays and special occasions to get together, invite your closest friends and have them bring their favorite wine bottle for Wine Wednesday (or Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday… who cares?)


How to get started: Yes, you can do a last minute trip to the market and buy some pre-packaged crackers and cheddar in a box, grapes, and wine… OR you can keep scrolling and reading for inspiration on how to host an unexpectedly decadent get-together for wine o’clock.


  1. What to buy (or ask your friends to contribute to the cause):
  • 3 bottles of wine for every 4 people
  • 2 oz of cheese per guest (see pairings below)
  • 1 cheese knife per cheese (tip to impress: invest in gold or copper flatware, marble or wood cheese boards like the ones at the end of the post)
  • Artisan bread or crackers
  • Dried fruit or slices of fresh berries
  • Olives
  • Walnuts or almonds
  • Fig jam or honey/maple
  • Extra: brownie bites and tea for the non-wine drinkers and designated drivers, cheese fondue if you want to get fancy
  • Flowers from your local supermarket- you can find cheap yet astonishing looking flowers in plum, lavender, blush, white, green, and pink tones that will look beautiful and will pair well with the theme.


2. Create the mood

Put the snacks in a nice cheese board (no packaging, please!), buy some plum/lilac/olive green flowers or succulents at the local market (I check Trader Joes and Vons first), light a couple aromatic candles, and you are already half-way there. Wine night should not get expensive (unless you feel like this is a good opportunity to invest in some much-needed barware).

B&P TIP: Other cheap and beautiful decor ideas include buying a bunch of cheap vases or empty bottles and put one flower in each. I have also seen melted candles adorning old empty bottles and it looks very romantic. If you are DIYer then definitely use your skills for this.

A very cute tip is to buy a chalkboard table runner or mats and have some chalk around in the table- the more your friends drink the better their doodles will get!

87d98744445805bfdb75ffe384fe21c8 (1)

Bar carts are also a great addition to your home decor either way, so might be a good time to go to Target and buy yourself a well-deserved personal bar. Even if you are not a drinker you will find it handy every time you host a night with friends.


If you are struggling setting things up take a look at the gallery below with some really beautiful yet simple and easy set ups that your friends will be Instagramming all-night!


Some great wine night shopping finds:

  1. Urban Outfitters Drink-a-diamond glass set $ 29 (set of 2)
  2. Gold Cheese Spreaders- West Elm $49 (set of 4)
  3. kate spade new york Woodland Park Owl Bottle Stopper – Bed Bath & Beyond $29.99 (set of 2) 
  4. Threshold Bar Cart – Target $129.99
  5. Paper Chalkboard Table Runner – Sur La Table $14.99
  6. Flair Hammered Glass Stemware – Pier1 Imports 6.95-7.95
  7. kate spade new york® Cream “Drink Me” Wine Tote- Bon Ton $7.49 (Sale!)
  8. Gilded rim stemless glass – Anthropologie $20
  9. Marble serving board- Candelabra $95 (similar here for 39.95)
  10. Marble Cheese Board with Slicer – Crate & Barrel $19.95)
  11. Copper Wine Opener- Williams Sonoma $24.95




Shades of Blue

This blog started with the idea to provide inspiration for pretty things based on themes. While a color is not technically a ‘theme’, I have found that I am very in love with beautiful shades of blue applied to event and party decorations. In case you have not heard, Serenity Blue is actually one of the two Pantene colors of the year for 2016, hence why we see it somewhat trending. However, I love that it does not feel like overkill and it looks very elegant and original if applied well. It is a color that fits all kinds of occasions and evokes peacefulness, clarity, relaxation, serenity, and calm.

Next time you plan a daytime event such as a baby shower, engagement party, birthday, or a gathering with your girlfriends think about the special touch that this color can bring to the event. I am making it easy for you to select the main planning items so you don’t have to go dig them out yourself in a sea of Pinterest images.

  1. Invites and other gracious notes to your guests:

2. Flowers :

3. Setting the scene: 

4. Let them eat cake (or other dessert): 

5. Bar Ideas:

6. In case you are not already dying to come up with a reason to host a party if just for the beauty of the pictures above: 


By now I hope you are as in love as I am with this color and how gorgeous and understated it looks in event decor. Shades of dusty blue, slate, french and serenity blue are my favorites, but I am also a sucker for royal blue patterned ceramics with pink or peach flowers to complement.

Thank you for reading!

“Be daring, be different, be impractical; be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers” – Cecil Beaton


Let’s Party Like Gatsby

A little party never killed nobody…

What? An elegant soiree inspired by the roaring 20s

When? Best suited for evening events

Why? Because you know how to party like Gatsby to celebrate your birthday (maybe a milestone, like 30, 40, 50…), New Year’s Eve, the annual family gathering, or if you really want everyone to remember your wedding

How? Well, well… keep reading for inspiration!

For a ‘Great Gatsby’ themed party you want to think in three colors: gold, black, and a touch of white. Think lavish, big, over the top ‘art deco’ style and lots of glitter and glamour. Your guests must be fully ‘in’ and be willing to dress up for the party in their best 1920s gear.

Here are 6 tips for a Great Gatsby event:

  1. Think white flowers, tassels, feathers, and balloons. Long stem white flowers will look great in center pieces and gold vases at the desert or catering table. They will make your decor feel less structured which is likely with an art deco theme. Throw feathers here are there in vases, scattered on the tables, or get long ones for a big impact inside a large gold vase. Balloons always impress! Get a lot of them for this theme – even for weddings. You can do white, champagne, or even marble ones.

2. Champagne… I love the idea of mini Moet-like champagne bottles and why not even add personal tags to each along with a golden straw? But if your party is large this can be a very expensive option, so you can opt for regular size Champagne in golden trays with champagne flutes. The champagne cascade is also a beautiful piece of decor as long as you don’t have too many kids running around and the space is large enough.

3. Get a black and white or gold sequin tablecloth for your tables.


4. Music – Get a good playlist with 1920s music mixed withe contemporary music that feels old (think Lana del Rey, Great Gatsby movie soundtrack)

5. Golden flatware is a must- if you want to use carton or plastic for your plates make sure you provide a cool set of flatware for your guests.


6. Invest in coasters! Why not providing a marble-like or stone-like coaster for your guests? For a wedding it would be a nice gift for your guests.

Inspiration Gallery:


Click to shop our Gatsby-theme inspired products:

452106_grande 451235_grande 451970_grande blk_white_marble_balloon_alt_shot_grande_37a14c79-353e-4573-893b-ba741bfc4f71_grande

You, Me, and a Cup of Tea

Because it’s always tea time…here is some tea party planning 101

Planning a birthday, bridal/baby shower, fancy brunch, etc. with a tea party theme? If you are like me, you probably enjoy spending countless hours looking for Pinterest ideas, décor items, and creating checklists to make your event a success. But if you are not, which is why this site exists, then you need a little help just getting started so you don’t go cray-cray over the whole thing and just end up winging it at Party City. For you, my busy unorganized friends, here is a checklist that will get you started on the right foot and make it seem like party planning is your ‘cup of tea’.

Or you can go directly to our shop to see what is available for this theme.

  1. Determine your party size

While I believe that tea parties are a better fit for smaller parties (less than 25), if you have the budget and the willingness to do it a bigger event you can do it for as many as you want. Just keep in mind that tea parties are all about details, so you will have to spend a lot of more time looking for decorations and putting the tabletop décor together for multiple tables. Either way, keep in mind how many people you need to sit.

  1. Decide what kind of tea party you are hosting

Did you have in mind a whimsical, wonderland theme? Or more like a girly vintage afternoon tea? What about a British Afternoon Tea Soiree? Grab your tools (Google, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc) and find 5 pictures that show what you envision for a tea party. Try to stick to that theme so it flows. Your bff might have a different concept, so be clear if you are planning as a group.

  1. The party palette

This is my favorite part (hence the name of this site). Pick two colors that go well together, add a neutral/metallic tone or two, and some texture. There are lots of original and great palettes that you can choose from. For example, pastel green and blue and silver and some rustic touches, or blush, gold (patina), and natural textures that take it outdoors. This doesn’t mean you have to stick to those colors for everything but it will make it easier to pick things that seem mundane such as plates, napkins, and balloons.

  1. Flowers

Flowers make everything prettier. If you can afford to buy lots of flowers, regardless of what kind, they will pull your event together and make it look magnificent. You can mix it up with some fake flowers here and there. You will need vases of different kinds and can even use mason jars or transparent tea cups.

  1. SIGN here

Get a couple of framed chalkboards- they will make your event look really cool and you can use them for multiple things- include the event’s hashtag, write down the menu, welcome your guests, or simply write witty phrases.

  1. Dessert table

Or drinks table… either works. Focus on this one, make sure you have a really cool tablecloth (sequins, chiffon) and you have cool recipients to accommodate food or drinks.

  1. Décor items

Get bird cages, candle lamps, mix-and-match cups and tea pots, old-looking books, engraved silverware, etc. This seems very ‘basic’ but it will fill up the space in your tables. Get confetti balloons, garlands, and partyware that goes with your color palette. Tea parties are meant to be fancy, so expect to invest a bit. Check out some of the Blush and Patina Shop items at the end of this post.

    8. Tableware

There are lots of pretty recyclable tableware available, so go floral and dont ignore the little details. You need tea cups and champagne flutes.

     9. Keep it real

Don’t forget that you need actual tea! You can have a tray with different tea bags for each table (if round) or a few trays spread around your long table for guests and a hot tea pot in the center. If you have never attended an actual tea ceremony, maybe it is a good time to attend one before your event so you know the etiquette. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised if you have actual tea ceremony trays with scones, sandwiches, and sweets.

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